"Bernie installed two pet doors for me and I found him to be exceedingly efficient, tidy, thorough, and kind. It was a pleasure having Bernie in my home. He made the entire process simple, straightforward, and enjoyable."
- Julie K.
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Get the Best Pet Door Installed in the Best Place for Your Best Friend

As your lifestyle is unique, so are your pet door needs. Boulder Pet Doors will help you choose the best location in your home for your lifestyle.

Wall Pet Doors Offer the Highest Energy Efficiency

Wall Dog Doors can be your best choice because the flaps are farther apart, creating an air space between the double flaps. When you have your Hale Pet Door installed in your wall, your dog will use a different area to come and go which can improve traffic flow in your home.

Wall Doggie Doors can be installed in all types of walls:

  • Frame construction with siding
  • Frame construction with stucco or stone/brick veneer
  • Brick walls
  • Block walls
  • Concrete walls

The Classic Door Pet Door Can be Your Best Choice

When you want your dog to use your door, the classic door dog door might be best for your home. Because you have your entrance ready with easy access to your backyard a door doggy door could be right for you.

Door Dog Doors can be installed in all types of doors:

  • Wood: flat or panel
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • True, Multi-lite French doors
  • Crossbuck

When Your Choice is Clear – Get an In-Glass Pet Door

Bill Hale created the original In-Glass Pet Door in the 1980’s. You can have an unobtrusive pet door installed right in your sliding glass patio door. Your glass is replaced with glass that has been cut for the pet door then tempered for safety.

Your pet will have a safe, convenient place to come and go, while you save energy by not opening your slider many times a day to let him in and out.

The Hale In-Glass Pet Door is completely reversible as you save your existing glass that can be replaced should you decide to move or no longer need your pet door.

Enjoy the Mountain Breeze while Your Pets Enjoy Their Freedom with a Screen Pet Door

When the weather is good, it’s nice to feel the fresh mountain air, and your pet can still have it’s freedom with a Hale Screen Pet Door.

Boulder Pet Doors can install your Hale Screen Dog Door in:

  • Screen doors
  • Screen Porches
  • Sun Rooms with screens

Window and Panel Insert Pet Doors

If you want a less permanent pet door installation, Boulder Pet Doors can get you a Hale Window or Panel Insert Dog Door. These inserts are custom made for your window or sliding glass patio door.

Bernie will assess your window or panel, measure and order your Hale Pet Door and install it in a few weeks.

Call Boulder Pet Doors today at 720-507-5476 or 720-212-3111 to find out how you and your pet can enjoy freedom with a Hale Pet Door.